There is no doubt that the Digital Place Based Media industry is hot. Advertising revenues for this sector increase year over year and is in excess of $1 billion. This momentum will continue given the plethora of research that has been completed since the DPAA published its Audience Metrics Guidelines document just over two years ago. This research confirms the audiences and the engagement of consumers with Digital Place Based Media helping marketers to understand its impact and justify increasingly greater investments.

All major research companies are currently including Digital Place Based Media in their surveys or they will be shortly.

  • The Nielsen Company currently publishes The Fourth Screen Audience Report quarterly, giving ad agencies a single report that covers multiple Digital Place Based networks. As an agency you can access this data through DPAA's online planning tool InfoCenter.
  • The Spring, 2010 MRI National Study of the American Consumer, the most widely used multi-media resource among strategic media planners; included Digital Place Based media in their survey, and confirmed that this medium delivers the extremely important light TV viewers. You can access this data through DPAA's online planning tool InfoCenter under the Venues and Insights Tab.
  • The Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Survey now publishes information on the sector, pointing out that 69% of Affluents HH income $100,000+ reported “considerable or some” interest in Digital Place –based advertising they saw during time spent at a venue. You can access this data through DPAA's online planning tool InfoCenter under the Venues and Insights Tab.
  • The Experian Simmons National Syndicated Study of US Consumers covers advertising exposure to Digital Place-based Media
  • Scarborough trends all major media consumption on a local, regional, and national basis, including digital place-based media across 10 venue types such as airports, doctor’s offices, restaurants, malls, and more. Additional venues are available per market and new venues are added on an ongoing basis.

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