Advertising revenues for this sector increase year over year and in 2014 were in excess of $1.7 billion (including cinema). This momentum will continue given the plethora of research that has been completed since the DPAA published its Audience Metrics Guidelines document over seven years ago. This research confirms the audiences and the engagement of consumers with Digital Place Based Media helping marketers to understand its impact and justify increasingly greater investments.

All major research companies are currently including Digital Place Based Media in their surveys.

  • The Nielsen Company for impressions, by demographics, publishes the Video Place Based Report quarterly, giving ad agencies a single report that covers multiple Digital Place Based networks’ audience data. 

All major syndicated planning databases include DPB media exposure questions in their surveys including:

  • GfK MRI
  • IPSOS Affluent Survey
  • Experian/ Simmons
  • Nielsen Scarborough
  • JD Power AMMR
  • Comscore’s Plan Metrix
  • Nielsen’s @Plan
  • NewMediaMetrics

DPB media are included in planning systems, for example, IMS and Telmar so that ‘what-if’ R & F analyses can be performed.


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