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Platt Retail Institute announces digital place based metrics audit reporting on audience impact.
... Read full article Twitter Facebook
ABC and Creative Mobile Technologies Sign Exclusive National Mobile Media Network Deal
CMT has signed an exclusive deal with ABC television to provide premium content and advertising through ABC's local and national sales force... Read full article Twitter Facebook
Premier Retail Networks, Inc. Renews, Expands Relationship with “Sam The Cooking Guy” on PRN’s
PRN’s newest original video series features quick, mouthwatering food ideas, with a side of content integration opportunities ... Read full article Twitter Facebook
Ad Club Out of Home 2011 day
Media, technology and content are all converging and this is having a major effect on consumer behavior, particularly in relation to mobilit... Read full article Twitter Facebook
Bulzī Delivers Real-time Out-of-Home Audience Measurement to RMG Networks
Localized Consumer Demographics and Count Provides Valuable Marketing Data ... Read full article Twitter Facebook
RMG Networks Taps PopSugarTV and CityBuzz Content for Taxis
Programming to Entertain 2 million Passengers in 4,000 Cabs Each Month ... Read full article Twitter Facebook
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