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DPAA's InfoCenter Launches

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NEW YORKMarch 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- InfoCenterDigital Place-based Advertising Association's OnlineSearch & Discovery tool, launched today. InfoCenter will allow advertisers and agencies to search a full listing of digital place-based networks by audience demographics and psychographics, audience and programming profile, venue profile, advertising format, research providers and a wealth of other pertinent information.

"DPAA'InfoCenter is an invaluable software mechanism for media strategic planners and the digital place-based industry," said Andreas Soupliotis, Chief Executive Officer, Ayuda Media Systems, the company that created the infrastructure ofInfoCenter. "This software platform will put digital place-based networks right alongside other media on the desktops of every major agency and client organization."

"The Advertising community has stated a need for a rich, visual tool to help facilitate the use of this nascent industry," said Sue Danaher, President of DPAA, the driving force behind the launch of this digital place-based media platform, "and now they have it. Throughout our Beta testing, the feedback from the advertising community has been overwhelmingly positive."

Kris Magel, Executive Vice President, Director National Broadcast at Initiative, added, "This is a great new tool for anyone looking to identify venues that might fit their communication objectives. I'm confident it will aid in the implementation of our place-based media strategies."

"A key strength of this software platform is the ability of both Arbitron and Nielsen to feed their information directly intoInfoCenter.  This will greatly aid in heighten credibility of our industry," Ms. Danaher proudly stated. "InfoCenter, housed on our newly designed website, is free to all of the Advertising community. It is currently a listing of member network operators but we welcome non-member information, for a nominal charge, to also be included on the site. Interested non-member network operators need only contact us."

InfoCenter, in the works for over six months, and with the enthusiastic cooperation and support of its member network operators, Ayuda Media Systems and numerous research providers, brings in-depth valuable resource of critical information concerning digital place-based networks directly to the advertising community.

About DPAA

Founded in 2007, the Digital Place-based Advertising Association [DPAA], represents leading digital placed-based networks and the advertising community that is actively engaged in planning, buying and evaluating the effectiveness of the medium. On behalf of its members, DPAA seeks to foster ongoing collaboration between agencies and digital place-based advertising networks; provide standards, best practices and industry-wide research; and promote the effectiveness of digital place-based advertising.

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