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BroadSign on Scaling the Industry

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DPAA Member Broadsign's Brian Dusho addresses some key points to growing the industry. Read the full article here  on ooh-tv 

Brian expertly answers some key questions:

What prevents the industry today from becoming a significant player in the media landscape?

 Is that what BroadSign tried to address by launching its own booking platform?

Another factor holding back development is a clear name and category for the market. Please explain.

Is the new name DPAA the answer?- A last word about the OVAB name change. It has been received with mixed feelings by OVAB Europe, what’s your opinion?

Let’s talk about BroadSign. Are you seeing a lot of activity in Europe? How does it compare with North-America?

BroadSignBrianOoh-tv met with Brian Dusho, CEO of BroadSign. He shares with us the next steps that the industry has to take to become a 20-30 billion dollar business.



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