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Interactive Displays Keep Customers Busy in Long Lines at Popcorn Shop

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Garrett Popcorn Shops worked with elevate DIGITAL to enhance the experience inside select retail store locations. elevate DIGITAL combined interactive apps and integration into mobile and social media to offer the highest level of fan engagement inside Garrett, a brand that is known for creating lines of historic proportions outside its shops.


Nominating Company: elevate DIGITAL, Chicago

Venue: Garrett Popcorn Shops, Chicago

Project: Interactive Digital Displays

Category: Interactive Self-Service


Interactive digital signage


To help improve the experience of guests that often have to wait in long lines, elevate DIGITAL installed interactive digital displays inside two Garrett Popcorn Shops locations. Chicago and Las Vegas were picked as initial locations for deployment due to their high sales and traffic volumes.


The displays were installed in key waiting locations with the intent of engaging customers who are waiting in long lines to purchase their beloved treat. Displays were programmed with engaging content that allowed guests to capture and share their experience, further enforcing the Garrett brand's loyal following and creating incremental impressions via social media and e-mail sharing.


The content includes a photo experience, the opportunity to join Garrett's email newsletter list, information about the company and seasonally rotating promotional content, such as the October Pink Tin campaign for Breast Cancer Research.



elevate DIGITAL and Garrett Popcorn Shops had to work closely together to create an experience that enhanced the in-store ambiance and was welcomed and enjoyed by guests. The end result had to be an interactive experience that was not distracting and obtrusive to customers, yet compelling enough to attract consumers and keep them occupied and engaged while waiting in line.


The content and creative housed on the screens also had to maintain Garrett Popcorn Shops' brand integrity while reflecting the different markets of Chicago and Las Vegas.



elevate's developers worked very closely with Garrett Popcorn Shops' in-house graphic design team to create content that was both visually appealing for this new interactive medium yet blended easily into each store's design aesthetic. Content developed was fully in-line with Garrett brand guidelines and differentiated each location through the use of a customized photo experience that utilized a combination of location and corporate branding.


The photo feature became the central focus in this deployment as many visitors enjoyed sharing their experience with the brand with others via email and social media, increasing brand impressions and enhancing the guest's experience. Other content was developed to help grow Garrett's email subscriber list and let visitors learn more about the history of Garrett Popcorn Shops.

Interactive digital signage


The program has been extremely successful with both pilot locations experiencing very high levels of interaction. Customers have captured and shared their experience at Garrett Locations more than 20,000 times through the photo feature, resulting in more than 430,000 Facebook impressions (3,252 Facebook posts assumes each user has 130 friends).


Photos capture smiling customers waiting in line or even showing off their Garrett Popcorn Shops purchases. Content has been successfully updated with seasonal branding including the Pink Tin Campaign to benefit A Silver Lining Foundation to help make a difference in fighting breast cancer.


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