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Access Sports Media and Blue Bite Partner to Bring Mobile Interactivity to Sports Venues Nationwide

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Access Sports Media and Blue Bite Partner to Bring Mobile Interactivity to Sports Venues Nationwide

New York – May 13, 2014.  Today, Access Sports Media, a leading video advertising network operating with cross-platform solutions in sports venues nationally, announced a partnership with Blue Bite, the Mobile Standard in Out-of-Home™, to give sports enthusiasts the ability to interact with over 20,000 in-venue digital displays.  Fans will have the ability to upload UGC (User Generated Content) from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to screens via Blue Bite’s social media platform, as well as obtain exclusive mobile content from the screens with over 80 MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL teams across the U.S.


The synergetic partnership will create a strong communication channel with the target audience, connecting fans with their favorite sports teams and the brands that support them, on a more personal level.  Blue Bite’s Proprietary mTAG® platform will enable users to interact with Access Sports Media’s in-venue digital displays via NFC (Near-Field Communication), QR (Quick Response), SMS, Geofencing and Social Media.  Upon engaging with the screens, users will receive a variety of exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes access to teams and players, promotions and giveaways, and other contextually relevant information, delivered right to their mobile devices.


Mobile and social media, especially for the younger generations has become the preferred method of connecting and communicating.  Teams and sponsors will benefit from these platforms by being able to personalize content for users and provide targeted information to enhance the in-venue experience.  Fans will take advantage of the additional content and a deeper conversation with their favorite teams, athletes, sponsors and fellow fans.


“We have been working very hard at Access Sports to become a true turn-key solution for brands targeting consumers at sports and entertainment events within our venues,” explained Bill Meara, CEO of Access Sports Media. “This partnership with Blue Bite provides us with the capability to expand our tool box and uncover even greater value for our client base, and we are thrilled and excited to add this to our already highly integrated campaign packages.”



“We are extremely enthusiastic about our partnership and rollout with Access Sports in these targeted and highly sought-after environments, said Mikhail Damiani, CEO and Co-founder of Blue Bite.  “As we strive to bring value to mobile users and our advertisers, this presents the perfect opportunity to connect teams and brands with a captive and engaging audience.”



About Blue Bite

Blue Bite is a leading mobile-marketing solutions provider utilizing a targeted, location-based approach to reach captive audiences on their personal mobile devices. Blue Bite has partnered with many of the leading Out-of-Home Companies in the U.S. and prides itself on creating an interactive two-way engagement by enabling consumers to connect with digital and traditional media via their mobile phones. For more information, please visit and follow the latest updates and developments on Facebook and Twitter.



About Access Sports Media

Access Sports Media provides advertisers cross-platform solutions engaging passionate fans in sports venues nationwide through digital out of home, social media, mobile, and in-venue sponsorships. Access Sports reaches more than 110 million viewers annually through a national footprint of 200 sports properties and a digital network of over 20,000 screens across professional, minor league and college sports. Access Sports Media is based in New York, NY. To learn more about Access Sports Media please visit



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