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Ads join trivia and poker games on U.S. bar network

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Ads join trivia and poker games on U.S. bar network

FRIDAY, 09 MAY 2014 07:59


AMI Entertainment Network’s new Ad Manager 2.0 lets locations that have installed its Tap TV advertise food and drink specials, promote events, and place other commercial messaging on the screens that are also used for interactive free-to-play gaming.

The network, which already offered national trivia competitions through its screens, has now also added Tap TV Poker. Patrons can play free Texas Hold ’Em games – for virtual stakes only – through their smartphones, competing against participants nationwide as well as other customers at the same bar. Up to eight players can sit at each virtual table, with no limit to the number of tables at each location.

Tap TV’s Mobile Spotlighting feature means every player gets the chance to see themselves on-screen.

AMI says the network will encourage patrons to stay longer and return more often, as well as giving venues an opportunity to up-sell food and drink.

It is far from the first company targeting U.S. bars with digital out-of-home media, or with electronic gaming. But AMI’s attention to the advertising potential of the audience provided by its gaming content illustrates the increasing convergence of the two.

That trend is seen everywhere from casinos – where the digitisation of the gaming floor has provided rich opportunities for using players’ screens to promote other aspects of the business – to retail, where “gamified” media can make for a much more interactive digital encounter with the customer than conventional, broadcast-style digital signage screens.

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