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DPAA Seeks Input on their latest Best Practices: RFP Response to OOH Planners and Buyers

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Best Practices:
RFP Response to OOH Planners and Buyers

The DPAA is seeking input from the marketplace prior to final release in March.

The DPAA Out-of-home (OOH) Committee developed the recommended RFP Response to OOH Agencies to make the buying process more efficient for digital place-based media sellers and OOH agencies alike. Any digital place-based media seller, network or otherwise, responding with a digital place-based media solution to an agency should reply with at least the information suggested in this document. In general, digital place-based media sellers should anticipate the agency’s need to make a quick and informed decision from the RFP response.

The full document is available on this website under the Resources tab or by follwing this link.


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