Romanian Indoor Advertising Association

Info-Sanatate is the largest healthcare digital signage network in Romania, active in the waiting rooms of 554 hospitals and private clinics from 122 cities in Romania. The audience is 2.000.000+ viewers monthly.

In partnership with Nielsen and Trumedia, Info-Sanatate is the first media company in Romania that measures the effectiveness of the indoor advertising campaigns, in terms of audience, efficiency indicators and ROI Evaluation. 

The Romanian Indoor Advertising Association (RIAA) was founded in 2011. RIAA and Info-Sanatate are collaborating to establish DPAA’s Audience Metrics Guidelines in Romania and working to implement international standards for measuring the effectiveness of indoor advertising campaigns.

Contact us:

Ovidiu Brazdau
Managing Partner, Info-Sanatate Network
President, Romanian Indoor Advertising Association

1 Free Press Square, House of the Free Press
C1 West Wing, 3rd Floor, 310-313
Bucharest, 013701

Tel/Fax: +4.021/668.51.12

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