Media Operations Committee


Provide guidance, education and support in the development of resources for networks and agencies to standardize operational processes like, but not limited to RFP's, contracts, compliance and Proof of Performance (POP). 

Main Areas of Work:

  • Take a 30,000 ft. view of the agency infrastructure in the planning, buying and execution of media buys (TV, OOH, Digital) to better understand where the DPAA’s best contributions can be made to facilitate the inclusion of digital place-based media in media buys.
  • Develops educational best practices, resources, and seminars for member networks and agencies
  • Recommends tactics to streamline and harmonize sales operations processes

Chair: Kori Kirkbride, IZON  
Liaison: Noah Klas, DPAA

Our Members
AMI Entertainment Network, LLC
In+Out Russian Association for Digital Place-based Networks
Cedar Fair
Zoom Media
Gloss Media
Vector Media
VeriFone Media
EYE Corp Media