DPAA members and the place-based industry as a whole offer a wide variety of screen sizes and ad formats. While this variety is a strength and a unique selling point, it can also add complexity and inefficiency for the buying community.

With this in mind, the Committee formulated a recommendation for Standard Advertising Units (SAU’s) that most place-based networks can run, and introduces a common nomenclature for all parties to use. The purpose of this initiative is to reduce the cost and increase the efficiencies associated with executing multi-network digital place-based buys.  Most networks should be able to run the Standard Ad Unit ‘as is’ or ‘down-converted’ to optimize quality playback across their network.  While the DPAA  document outlines Standard Advertising Units and defines the nomenclature of other partial screen ad units, it is up to each network to convey the unique benefits they offer in addition to the Standard Advertising Unit.

The DPAA Creative committee will continue to evolve best practices for creatives evaluating this digital place-based media as an exciting way to engage people while they are in places and ready to take action.

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