2013 Digital Media Summit: Call For Presentation Summaries

October 22, 2013 – Hilton New York

Deadline June 30, 2013


The DPAA’s Annual Digital Media Summit brings together brands, agencies, digital place-based networks, technology and research partners to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the fast growing DPB space.  
The DPAA is looking for case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the medium and inspire brands and agencies to delve fully into this exciting space. In addition, position papers, panel ideas (ideas for panelists and key speakers) that address significant evolving issues in this sector will be considered for presentation.    

Specifically the DPAA is looking for presentations to address the following topic areas.  

  • Effective campaigns that combine digital place-based, mobile and/or social media or location based marketing techniques.
  • How digital place-based is becoming part of a video neutral strategy.
  • How the addition of digital place-based to an existing media plan leads to greater effectiveness.
  • Using digital place-based as part of a multi-platform communications plan.
  • The ability of digital place-based to reach, engage and influence specific consumer groups (multi-cultural, working mothers, LGBT, etc.). 
  • Cases that illustrate the effectiveness of the medium (share your success metrics – ROI, increased awareness, increased consideration, etc.).
  • Advances in measurement techniques and how they will impact DPB.  
  • How new technologies are allowing DPB to get closer to the consumer.
  • Using or modifying existing creative to work with DPB.
  • Creative solutions for your campaign to run within DPB media and get your brand message across.

Some of the criteria used to evaluate your submission will be:

  • Newness: new applications of technology, research and overall new cases will be given priority over those that go over information the audience has seen before
  • Client and agency presenters will be given preference
  • Case studies that show some type of results (remember to clearly state what the objectives were: sales increase, increased awareness, etc.)
  • Cases and papers that inspire usage of the medium.

Please submit a summary of your case (including names and titles of possible presenters) to Ajay Durani at ajay.durani@dp-aa.org by June 30, 2013. 

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